Looking for the best botnet detection tools to secure your network and avoid unwanted bot traffic? You may think all bots are good and only humans are the ones that are behind all the hacking and cyber attacks. 

Well, despite popular belief, humans don’t make up the majority of internet users. Bots generate approximately 52% of internet traffic. They all serve various purposes, whether good or malicious bots.

Although good bots crawl search engines and social media feeds to collect information. However, malicious actors can program bots to conduct brute-force attacks and facilitate fraud; This is why businesses should consider that activity when assessing bot detection solutions.

Keep reading to find out about botnet attacks. And learn about the best tools that would help prevent botnet attacks.

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What is a Botnet Attack?

Botnets are groups of internet-connected devices controlled by a central control system. Internet-connected devices can include laptops and smartphones, digital doorbells, and home security systems.

When a lousy actor compromises internet-connected devices to create a botnet, they can program it with usernames, passwords, or credit card information to test on any website. Using botnets, bad actors can circumvent basic velocity checks and carry out fraudulent activities such as credential stuffing, card testing, coupon fraud, etc.

Best Tools to Prevent Botnet Attacks

Here are the five best tools that provide real-time botnet detection:

Cloudflare Bot Manager

Cloudflare is one of the world’s leading DDoS protection services. The system’s DDoS service looks for botnet activity to block phony connection requests and forward legitimate traffic. The Cloudflare system is an edge service.

Cloudflare works as a proxy server, collecting public IP Addresses and allocating them to secret addresses. It serves as the client’s identity, receives the client’s traffic, and forwards legitimate traffic via VPN to its final destination.


  • Cloudflare Partners with a content delivery network for faster processing.
  • It Absorbs traffic and scrutinizes it. Making sure only Legit traffic passes by.
  • Cloudflare comes with an SSL certificate which ensures browser security.. 

Radware Bot Manager

The Radware Bot Manager offers APIs and plug-ins with multiple integration options. You can integrate the add-on into a cloud service, a CDN, or a Web server. Additionally, the system is available as a virtual appliance, which you can install on your router to pre-filter traffic.


  • Radware offers real-time botnet attack detection
  • It offers an easy way to integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Radware provides comprehensive reports which are customizable according to your requirements.


DataDome has an extensive botnet detection strategy that can scan the top ten threats as per OWASP. IT can find out which vulnerabilities are most significant at any given time using this system. In other words, this is a vulnerability scanner and a botnet blocker.

In addition to DDoS attacks, scaping, account takeovers, and click fraud, the DataDome system detects bot activity. DataDome maintains a threat intelligence feed that pools its customers’ attack experiences.


  • Data dome has a Cloud-based plug-in, making it easily accessible across multiple devices.
  • It takes less than three minutes to deploy DataDome’s proprietary SDK for all major mobile platforms
  • DataDome Spots scalping and inventory hoarding.

Reblaze Bot Management

Reblaze Bot Management works as a proxy software and filters your website traffic, ensuring only legitimate users pass on. The software has a robust processing speed, which takes only 0.5 milliseconds to process each connection.

Reblaze Bot Management uses a profiling strategy that spots similar automated bot systems. It traces if bots have changed their IP address or are flowing through several zombie devices. Reblaze bot searches for a list of indicators of suspect identity and provides detailed results To locate candidate bots rapidly.


  • Reblaze Partners with a WAF and CDN service to provide comprehensive information.
  • It has a rapid processing speed and filters your website traffic in milliseconds
  • Reblaze is a cloud base solution that saves a large volume of data that is easily accessible.


ClickCease is a powerful detection tool that identifies bots used for excessive, unattended ad clicks. This malicious act is known as click fraud. It refers to the fraudulent act when bots click on pay-per-click ads, hence shooting up the bill for the advertiser. 

Malicious players conduct clinic fraud to use up all of the target’s advertising credits before people see the advertisement. Most of the time, the culprits behind these acts are advertising agencies or competitors. The primary target of this technology is click fraud committed via Google Ads.


  • The ClickCease software monitors your website and tracks all visitors to the site.
  • ClickCease detects Fraud detection on several stages. It collects various data points, including geolocation, click limit, VPN detection, and session behavior.
  • ClickCease instantly and automatically blocks fraudulent users.
  • It blocks fake traffic to prevent wasteful spending.


FortiEDR delivers real-time security monitoring, analysis, protection, and remediation for endpoints. According to MITRE evaluations, FortiEDR reduces the attack surface, prevents malware infection, detects and defuses potential threats in real time, and automates response and remediation procedures.

FortiEDR detects and stops breaches automatically and efficiently. In addition, it performs this without setting off a flood of false alarms or disrupting business operations.


  • Identify and control rogue devices and applications.
  • It offers real-time detection and defusing of threats, even on compromised devices.
  • Automate incident response with customizable contextual playbooks.
  • Protect data from ransomware and breaches instantly.
  • Improve incident response processes and eliminate alert fatigue.
  • Maintain business continuity while responding and remediating.

Netacea Bot Management

Netacea Bot Management helps detect and stop sophisticated bot attacks with unprecedented accuracy by offering a single solution for all attack surfaces. By using Netacea’s server-side approach, your attackers won’t learn how you mitigate bot threats since they can’t exploit easily bypassable code. A single 

Netacea offers a solution that ensures the security of your whole estate, including mobile apps, websites, and APIs, and there is no need to change agents.


  • It is an easy-to-use web portal with secure access.
  • By detecting behavioral anomalies, we can mitigate them as soon as possible.
  • Netacea Leverages machine learning algorithms for advanced analysis.
  • Block, analyze, or authorize traffic according to your risk level.
  • Integrate with CDNs, APIs, and reverse proxies intelligently.

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security protects company devices from cyberattacks, detects malicious activity, and provides instant remediation. ESET Endpoint Security maintains a constant balance between performance, detection, and false positives through a multilayered approach.

ESET Endpoint Security provides a multilayered defense to protect your devices. For maximum protection, malware is detected pre-, during, and post-execution.


  • Protects your network from automated attacks that use password-guessing techniques.
  • In addition to security checks, ESET’s UEFI Scan also monitors the integrity of the firmware in the preboot environment.
  • An Advanced Memory Scanner from ESET monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them when they decloak in memory.
  • Botnet Protection detects and identifies malicious communications used by botnets.

Wrap Up

To conclude, not all bots are bad. Some are crucial to making sure your business ranks on search engines. But you need to be vigilant about those phony bots, which can attack and harm your online business. Therefore It’s crucial to have top-notch software to tackle botnet attacks. Practical tools help you distinguish between bots if they are your friend or foe.

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