Welcome to this tutorial on how to remove the background of a picture in Photoshop. This is a common task in photo editing and once you master it, you’ll be able to create amazing edits. Let’s dive in!

What You’ll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or later)
  • A picture with a background you want to remove

Step 1: Open Your Image in Photoshop

First, you need to open your image in Photoshop. You can do this by clicking on ‘File’ > ‘Open’ and then selecting your image.

Step 2: Select the Background Eraser Tool

Next, select the Background Eraser Tool from the toolbar. It’s located on the left side of your screen and looks like an eraser with a scissor.

Step 3: Adjust the Tool Settings

Before you start erasing, you need to adjust the tool settings. You can change the size of the eraser, the hardness, and the spacing. Play around with these settings until you find what works best for your image.

Step 4: Start Erasing the Background

Now, you can start erasing the background. Click and drag the eraser over the areas you want to remove. Be careful not to erase parts of the image you want to keep.

Step 5: Save Your Image

Once you’re happy with your edit, save your image. Click on ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ and choose a name and location for your image.


And there you have it! You now know how to remove the background of a picture in Photoshop. Keep practicing and you’ll become a pro in no time. Happy editing!

For more detailed information, check out Adobe’s official guide on removing and changing backgrounds.