The rapid increase in cyberattacks is evidence that criminals are becoming more creative and sophisticated in their attack methods. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, and they often result in significant financial losses and losses of intellectual property for the targeted enterprises. Organizations are beginning to include dark web monitoring capabilities as part of their cyber security initiatives. This stolen data or information frequently ends up for sale on the dark web.

Organizations may control the conversation on the dark web by using sophisticated monitoring technology to 

  • Identify and mitigate exposed credentials
  • Find ransomware dump site listings
  • Eliminate Initial Access Brokers (IABs).

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What should you look for in a Dark Web Monitoring Tool?

It would help if you are looking for the best Dark Web monitoring tool that can provide real-time insights into your business, including:

  • The ability to see if hackers have compromised your site.
  • Real-time access to your website’s data.
  • A detailed dashboard that shows you precisely what is happening inside your business.
  • The secure connection between your server and the monitor
  • The ability to act on any anomalies as soon as possible.
  • Ability to monitor many users at once
  • Support for all popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Best Tools for Dark Web Monitoring

For monitoring the dark web for stolen data, these dark web monitoring tools are some of the best options available.

1. Echosec Beacon

Echosec Beacon is a powerful, easy-to-use web application firewall (WAF). With the ability to monitor and block malware and phishing attempts, Echosec Beacon will help you better protect your users from cyber threats.


  • Monitoring for malicious and phishing websites
  • Malware protection with real-time blocking of known threats
  • Easy configuration for all major browsers with built-in WAF rulesets

Echosec Beacon provides an easy way to monitor websites on the Dark Web that are not indexed by search engines. It also helps you detect vulnerabilities in your websites, e.g., SQL injection attacks and XSS attacks, as well as network vulnerabilities such as DNS poisoning or IP hijacking.

The service can spot data breaches and look for harmful data repositories containing information on individuals and corporations.

2. Dashlane Business

Dashlane provides IT with the essential tools to secure the company without interfering with business operations. The Dashlane Business plan offers complete account security. Secure file storage, password protection, and Dark Web site inspection are included.


  • Avoiding account takeover
  • Access using a browser or mobile app,
  • Email notifications

The Dashlane customer dashboard can be accessed through a browser or a mobile device app using this cloud-based service. The Dashlane bots conduct an initial Dark Web sweep after a user signs up for the service to find all information that is already available about that company.

3. SpyCloud

SpyCloud retrieves information from the criminal underworld to reveal risks that your team can address immediately across your organization, vendors, and customers.

Criminals have access to billions of credentials and PII that has been leaked. The same information that fraudsters use is available to you with SpyCloud, but we make it usable so you can stop account takeovers, ransomware attacks, and online fraud.


  • Early warning of a breach
  • Board members and senior executives should be protected.
  • Data feeds and work processes
  • Account takeover and preventing fraud
  • Detection and password reset for vulnerable accounts

4. ZeroFox

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), ZeroFox offers businesses security, intelligence, and disruption to find and eliminate external threats across the public attack surface. It combines deep web and dark web threat intelligence, fully managed threat intelligence services, and threat analysts who become part of your team. ZeroFox Platform helps you find and mitigate complex threats.


  • Social media accounts, digital security, and protection.
  • Identifying and removing malware, SPAM, and phishing.
  • Scam, fraud, and cyber protection.

5. DigitalStakeout Scout

Security and risk experts may monitor the web for signs of threats, fraud, abuse, and digital risk to their people, locations, and digital brand using the cloud-delivered software and data solution known as DigitalStakeout Scout.

The technology uses machine learning and processes to identify unusual network activity. With its Dark Web Scanner and threat intelligence database, it then uses the external source or destination of the internet traffic to identify the malicious actor taking part in the nefarious activity.


  • Detects network attacks
  • Traces Attacks source
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring

6. ACID Cyber Intelligence

Threat information is gathered by the ACID Cyber Intelligence service from chat platforms, illicit websites, social networks, and the Deep Web and Dark Web. The data obtained from these sources enables the service to alert its users to potential dangers and any data leaks that may have already taken place.


  • Monitoring of social networks, illegal websites, and the deep and dark web in real-time for potential dangers, including stolen emails, passwords, and financial data
  • A simple search interface with an infinite amount of keywords to identify information that has been compromised
  • Multiple languages are automatically translated from the results.
  • Alerts in real-time for alleged assaults

7. DarkOwl Vision

Organizations can use the tools and services the DarkOwl Vision platform provides to quickly locate sensitive material that has been leaked or otherwise compromised, thanks to its extensive library of darknet content. DarkOwl vision gathers, indexes, and ranks darknet data automatically, anonymously, and continuously. Organizations can immediately spot security flaws and reduce the harm before stolen data is exploited by enabling them to detect compromised data on the dark web.


  • Scanning the dark web
  • Focuses on integrating feeds with hacked email addresses

8. Alert Logic

Businesses can use Alert Logic to proactively scan the dark web for sensitive information that has been stolen or exposed so that appropriate action can be taken. They provide an “assigned analyst” option, which entails that they routinely search the dark web for stolen login information and passwords for your business and essential personnel. When breaches are discovered, they provide notifications, enabling users to respond immediately and avert prospective assaults—this aids businesses in preventing online fraud and ensuring complete compliance.


  • Web log analytics
  • User behavior tracking
  • PCI scanning
  • Asset discovery
  • Real-time reporting.

Final Words

The dark web is anonymous. These are some of the best tools to monitor what’s happening there. You can do many things with these tools, which will likely be helpful to someone. Remember, though, that there’s a fine line between monitoring and invading someone’s privacy, so make sure you’ve got consent from the people involved before you take any action.

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